Connecting those who need help with those who do it best

Well-being is the cornerstone of our services at all levels.  This foundation supports organizations, leaders, and individuals in achieving their goals on the well-being continuum.

The solutions we provide help attract, grow, retain, and support well-aligned talent. In building cost-effective solutions, we help leaders, managers, and employees grow professionally and personally.

Our mission is to improve the well-being of individuals and impact the sustainability of their organizations by taking a holistic approach in providing advocacy, consulting, coaching, and counseling.



Personal Health Partners

Employee Assistance Program

Member Assistance Program

Talent LifeCycle Coaching

Management Consultation

Work/Life Services

Legal/Financial Services

Critical Incident Response


SAP (Substance Abuse Professional)

We are a workplace well-being company providing services to enhance individual and organizational well-being.  Our products are at the confluence between mental health and business: helping employees manage their lives and organizations manage their people.



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