How To Celebrate Veterans At Work

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On November 11, we, as a country honor and celebrate our Veterans. Historically, on the 11th day of the 11th month, at the 11th hour, the major hostilities of World War I ended in 1918.  This day has been celebrated ever since.  Initially, it was known as Armistice day, but since 1954 it has been called Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to our military: past and present.  For one day, we stand united in respect for our veterans.

It’s effortless to hang the flag out on our front porch, or go to a town parade, but in what meaningful way can we do more? How can we honor our Veterans in the workplace?

Here are a few suggestions on how to celebrate veterans at work: Continue reading

Three Resources for Preventing Burnout at Work

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Burnout is a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about one’s competence and work value. ~Mayo Clinic

When feelings of burnout start to occur, many people focus on short-term solutions such as taking a vacation, taking a walk, or taking a nap. While this can certainly help, that type of relief is often only temporary. According to Mindtools you also need to focus on strategies that will have a deeper impact, and create lasting change. Continue reading

Returning to Life After a Fall Vacation

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…or any vacation.  Or break.   Even returning after a coffee break is sometimes onerous. I just returned home after a week of vacation.  We didn’t go far, we didn’t plan activities, but we took a much needed vacation to the woods.  A furnished cabin at a State Park, on the edge of a quiet lake.  It was relaxing, to say the least.  We had no ambition other than to keep the campfire going and sit by it.  Read.  Nap.  Add in a few walks in the woods and a boat ride or two and it was just what we needed. Continue reading

How Can Mindfulness Reduce Stress and Improve YOUR Workplace?

It wasn’t long ago that I was immersed in a work environment in which balance was elusive and high-stress was the norm.   A growing part of my responsibility as a people manager was helping others navigate escalating daily pressures without becoming disengaged or burnt out.  How are employees in your workplace feeling?  Are they centered and calm about their priorities or overwhelmed and anxious?  If it’s the latter, you and your organization are not alone. Continue reading