How Can Mindfulness Reduce Stress and Improve YOUR Workplace?

It wasn’t long ago that I was immersed in a work environment in which balance was elusive and high-stress was the norm.   A growing part of my responsibility as a people manager was helping others navigate escalating daily pressures without becoming disengaged or burnt out.  How are employees in your workplace feeling?  Are they centered and calm about their priorities or overwhelmed and anxious?  If it’s the latter, you and your organization are not alone. Continue reading

Facilitating Success in the Workplace

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How managers can help employees recognize and overcome conflict-based performance issues

When there is conflict among teams in the workplace, performance suffers.  Managers can be the first-responders during these times and work with employees as facilitators in order to identify and work through the conflict at hand.  Advantages of choosing mediation over litigation, according to SHRM , include saving time and money, being able to customize a resolution, and preserving confidentiality. Continue reading