Spotlight on Five Reasons for an EAP

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It’s inevitable that your employees will encounter a serious personal problem over the course of their time with your organization. It could be issues like financial strain, divorce or care giving for an elderly parent. Sometimes it is easy for a manager to get pulled into the personal problem, but there are professionals who are trained to talk about these issues and ultimately, give employees a way to cope with the challenges that can have a negative impact on their job performance. Continue reading

How to Ease the Transition to College

As I prepare to send my last high school graduate to college, I have been considering the issues related to the move up from high school to college and its unique stressors.

The transition from high school to college entails many changes and is often stressful for both students and parents. Students are facing significant changes in their lives, with a new sense of autonomy and freedom to make their own choices. Parents may feel their guidance and ability to help their child develop into better decision makers are diminished. They may have concerns about the student’s living situation, activities away from home, safety and personal well-being.

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How to Cope with a Natural Disaster

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Natural disasters are an unfortunate reminder of Mother Nature’s power. From hurricanes, blizzards, thunderstorms, forest fires and tornadoes, these disasters leave a physical and mental impact on all individuals involved.  Most disasters leave a clear path of physical destruction, which can take years to repair. Sadly, some disasters can lead to loss of life or physical injury, which certainly take an emotional toll on the community and family involved.

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Top Fourth of July Safety Tips

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This Fourth of July weekend, many people will be traveling, firing up the backyard grill or enjoying fireworks, and the American Red Cross offers a series of steps everyone can follow to safely enjoy the holiday weekend.

“Everyone looks forward to having fun over the Fourth of July, and the Red Cross wants to make sure people know how to stay safe while enjoying the holiday,” said Linda Carbone, Chief Executive Officer of Florida’s West Coast Region and the Tampa Bay Chapter. Continue reading

Workplace Mental Health: It’s Not Just Benefits Coverage

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Workplace well-being is a popular topic as companies focus on talent attraction, development and retention.  In order to be the employer of choice in their field, many companies have implemented wellness programs and innovative benefits. We spend one quarter to one third of our lives at work and often more time with coworkers than family members.  The workplace environment and interactions have a significant impact on our psychological well-being. This focus on well-being has yielded positive results yet there remains a global epidemic in mental health. Continue reading

Is It Possible to Have a Carefree Summer?

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Probably not.  Realistically, what is carefree?  How long can that feeling last? As adults the reality of a carefree summer is very doubtful. But often summers remind us of that “carefree” feeling we had as kids.  Maybe it was sleeping in, or playing with the neighborhood kids in the nearby backyards, walking to the local pool for free swimming lessons, staying up late, getting ice cream treats, chasing lightning bugs (or fireflies!) or going to baseball games, the beach, camping, hiking. Ahhhh! The memories are sweet even if in real time, it wasn’t truly “carefree” it is nostalgic to look back on it that way. Continue reading

How to Leave the Old Behind and Embrace the New

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So many events happen in June. It is a month full of change and transition. Many families are attending high school and college graduations and those young adults are transitioning to college or the work world.  Family schedules change from the structured school schedule to a more relaxed summer schedule including camps and vacations. Many weddings occur in June, signaling one of life’s big transitions. June also means the start of the summer season.  As Willie Stargell said, “life is one big transition.”

Change and transitions, even when highly anticipated, are stressful for individuals, families and ultimately the workplace.  What can we do to navigate change and the transition process to grow and develop? Continue reading

Critical Thinking is the Decision Making Power App

“There is no danger that the Titanic will sink. The boat is unsinkable.”  ~Phillip Franklin, White Star Vice-president, 1912

Every day we make many, many decisions. Some are trivial, such as what size and flavor of coffee to drink. Other decisions are weighty when they involve substantial sums of money or resources. We strive to make the best decisions possible yet often are swayed by our assumptions and biases into flawed conclusions. Mr. Franklin’s statement above is a graphic example of an assumption that was terribly wrong. Continue reading

Who Cares About the New High Blood Pressure Guidelines?

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High blood pressure is known as the “silent killer,” so we should all care about this.  Recently the American Heart Association changed the medical definition of “high blood pressure.”

That condition now starts at 130/80 rather than the previous guideline of 140/90.  The new normal is less than 120/80. Why would they do this and how does that impact you? Continue reading