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Can Successful Leadership Be Taught?

Leadership has been and will always be a major topic of discussion in every field. Companies rise and fall based on their leadership. I know you heard the phrase people leave managers and leaders, not the company. Employees can be heard from miles away grumbling about their boss being incompetent. How does this happen? How are people placed in leadership roles, but viewed by many as incompetent? I think the better question is, “Is the incompetence based on the lack of leadership skill or technical skill?” I have often found that employees master their craft and as a result people in leadership reward them by promoting them into leadership roles. The problem with this move is that this is often done without considering if the employee has basic leadership abilities. Needless to say, it would behoove leadership to evaluate the leadership abilities of the employee before promoting them. This leads to the question of “Are leaders born or developed?”

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Building Strategic Thinking Muscles

Sustainability is an ambitious goal in a world of continuous flux and change. How do we build business organizations that last when faced with volatility and chaos? Being in leadership in these environments reminds me of the plate-spinning juggling acts of yore: looking away for a glance sends plates crashing to the floor. (Note: if this metaphor makes no sense to you, google “Ed Sullivan plate spinning”) Continue reading