How to Address Your Compassion Fatigue

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Angela D. Diver, LISW, LICDC, Executive Director of Reach EAP shares her expertise on how to address compassion fatigue.

Compassion Fatigue is a term that many of us have heard and usually associate with helping professions.  This can include healthcare workers, those in social services, behavioral health specialists and educators who often choose their profession because they want to help people. But exposure to the trauma and suffering of others on a regular basis can have a deep impact on these workers. “Compassion fatigue” is a response to the stress of caring for people at times of crisis and is often referred to as the cost of caring.

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6 Tips To Staying Active In The Fall

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Summer may seem as an ideal time to work on your physical health; the warm weather makes even chores such as walking the dog, taking the kids to practice, or yard work feel like an enjoyable physical task. The summer season makes the incentive to get health conscious convenient. Sadly, summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner as we welcome a crisp chill in the air. Just because the leaves are falling doesn’t mean your level of dedication to fitness has to fall as well. We’ve compiled some tips on how to keep up your physical activity this fall. Continue reading

How Can Mindfulness Reduce Stress and Improve YOUR Workplace?

It wasn’t long ago that I was immersed in a work environment in which balance was elusive and high-stress was the norm.   A growing part of my responsibility as a people manager was helping others navigate escalating daily pressures without becoming disengaged or burnt out.  How are employees in your workplace feeling?  Are they centered and calm about their priorities or overwhelmed and anxious?  If it’s the latter, you and your organization are not alone. Continue reading