Employee Assistance Program

The best investment for your organization

Employee Assistance Programs are about investing in your human capital

An EAP is a proven strategy for assisting employees and their families with personal and work related problems. Employers who ignore their employees’ problems can negatively affect the overall organizational performance. Many organizations, large and small, who have implemented and promoted EAPs have documented significant cost savings as a direct result. So, initiating an EAP in your workplace not only makes “good people sense,” but it makes “good business sense” too.

Our EAP services include

  • On-Site Employee Orientation and Management Training
  • Problem Assessment, Counseling, and Referrals
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Personal Health Partners (Medical Care Advocacy)
  • Legal/Financial Services
  • Promotional Materials
  • Workplace Coaching
  • 24-hour Accessibility
  • Home Safe Partners
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Case Management
  • Work/Life
  • Quality Assurance
  • Crisis Intervention

testimonial“Having Lytle EAP Partners as our EAP provider has been a positive experience. Our employees promote the services among themselves because of their own successes with using the EAP. They find that it is not threatening or overwhelming, but easy to access and the counselors have been great!”

– Sandy Arnold, Executive Director
North Star Support Services


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