Responding thoughtfully to employees’ legal or financial problems

Legal and financial concerns can interfere with an employee’s job performance and personal relationships.

Resolution of these concerns allows for improved morale and regained focus on job responsibilities. Lytle EAP Partners’ Legal/Financial Services include telephone assistance for the broad range of financial and legal challenges. The financial component provides access to counselors with experience in financial matters as well as licensed CPAs and Certified Financial Planners. The legal component provides access to attorneys by phone or in-person.

Legal Issues Covered

  • Civil and consumer
  • Domestic & family
  • Landlord/ tenant
  • Estate matters
  • Motor vehicles
  • IRS matters
  • Real estate
  • Business
  • Criminal

Financial Issues Covered

  • Debt management and consolidation
  • Credit counseling and coaching
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Lease and purchase issues
  • College funding
  • Budgeting

In addition to access to legal and financial experts, we offer

  • 25% off normal fees if the employee retains the financial consultant
  • Easy access through the Employee Assistance 800 number
  • Initial legal consultation either by phone or in person
  • Thirty minutes free consultation

testimonial“We are very pleased with Lytle EAP Partners. We consider Lytle EAP Partners to be not just another one of our vendors, but one of our partners. We have had so many success stories; our staff is very comfortable reaching out to them. We have had opportunities to use other EAPs, but have always chosen to stay with Lytle EAP Partners.”

– Eric Larson, Administrator
United Methodist Services for the Aging


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