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Encouraging results from giving clients our best

An overwhelming majority of companies nationwide who have implemented an Employee Assistance Program have seen improved employee morale, increased productivity, lower absenteeism rates, decreases in health care costs, and lower overall healthcare utilization. Our own ongoing client surveys reflect the same results:

Client Evaluation

were extremely/very satisfied with the professionalism of the reception and clinical staff 95%
were extremely/very satisfied that their concerns were handled in a confidential manner 97%
were extremely/very satisfied with the length of time it took to get an appointment 94%
were extremely/very confident in the knowledge and abilities of the counselor 92%
would be very/extremely likely to use the program again 96%
were extremely/very satisfied with EAP services 94%

Supervisor Evaluation

agree/strongly agree that the counselors were helpful in answering their questions about the referral process and the assistance program 100%
agree/strongly agree that they were comfortable in discussing the employee’s job performance issues with the counselor 100%
agree/strongly agree that employee’s job performance improved following referral to the EAP 83%
agree/strongly agree that they would likely refer to the EAP again 100%

Each of our clients are given a survey to complete after using the EAP. Here are a few responses to the question, “What is the one thing you like best about the EAP?”

  • “The Counselor was up front and very serious about what I had to do to keep my job. He was frank but very nice. I am grateful for his help.”
  • “The ability to talk to a counselor with ease and comfort, counselor was professional, good listener and helped me work through solutions.”
  • “The program is free to our family which was a big help during a difficult time”



We also ask supervisors who have made a referral to the EAP to fill out our Supervisory Survey. Following are a few responses:

  • “This was a difficult case to work through with numerous departments involved and a challenging employee situation. The EAP counselor did an excellent job of communicating with the parties involved and keeping tabs (follow-up) on this client.”
  • “It’s nice to know when handling sensitive issues that you have an organization that responds in a timely way.”

testimonial“We know that Lytle EAP Partners really cares about Penn Line employees because:
• They take initiative to learn about our: culture; work environment; employees and where they come from; management styles; corporate values and beliefs – and they use this information to enhance the benefits provided.
• They ask for feedback on how they are doing, and take quick action when there is an opportunity for service improvement.

– Ron Rankin, Human Resources Manager
Penn Line Services, Inc.


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