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Assisting in managing risks and enhancing employee performance

Lytle Solutions

LYTLE is a group of related businesses sharing a strong commitment to service, quality, innovation, and excellence in assisting businesses in managing risks and enhancing employee operational performance.

Founded in 1983 by Steven E. Lytle in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, The Lytle Group, Lytle EAP Partners, and Lytle Drug Testing Services Inc. currently serves client companies located throughout the U.S. and Canada. LYTLE also maintains offices in Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township, and Northern Virginia.

Our experienced team of professionals partner with your organization to develop strategies and creative solutions to meet your challenges head on.

Our variety of services come from

The Lytle Group

The Lytle Group has been successfully providing human resource and management consultation since 1982. Our certified, professional consultants partner with management teams to provide solutions that support their organizations’ strategic objectives.

Human Resource and Management Consultation Includes

  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys
  • Compensation Studies and Structure Development
  • Leadership Assessment and Training
  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Human Capital Management

Lytle Testing Services, Inc.

Lytle Testing Services, Inc. has been providing drug and alcohol testing programs and management services for over 15 years for regulated and non-regulated organizations throughout the United States. Our professionals will guide organizations in the development, implementation, and management of drug and alcohol testing programs.

Drug & Alcohol Program Management Services Include

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Management (TPA)
  • Written Policy and Updates / Trainings
  • Random Selection Management
  • Collection Site Selection and Auditing
  • SAMHSA Approved Laboratory / Medical Review Officer
  • Quarterly Summary Reports / Annual DOT MIS Reports
  • Record Management and Retention / Litigation

Lytle Behavioral Health

Lytle Behavioral Health’s Private Practice Services offers professional services and administrative support to private practice clinicians. We also offer professional office space. Lytle Behavioral Health’s Private Practice professionals are committed to helping clinicians enhance and develop their practice by operating more efficiently and increasing their bottom line and quality of their professional and personal life. Our services provide the tools required for successful independent practice management.


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