Healthy employees build healthy organizations

Engaging your employees in a wellness program to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles will be a cornerstone to well-being in your workplace.

As part of our commitment to well-being, we provide proactive wellness services to companies looking to maximize employee productivity and lower healthcare costs. We know that different types of companies come with different types of needs. So we can offer different kinds of wellness providers to help clients achieve and exceed their wellness goals.

To improve the level of success in worksite wellness, holistic wellness is being incorporated into many wellness programs across the nation. Holistic wellness addresses the broadening dimensions of health such as stress management, emotional well-being, financial stability, and sleep patterns.

Our Wellness Partners include:

Interactive Health is a pioneer in providing flexible employee wellness programs. Their mission – creating healthier companies by improving employee health – fits perfectly with our mission, which is to impact the well-being of individuals and organizations by taking a holistic approach in providing advocacy, consulting, coaching and counseling.

Interactive Health’s services include:

  • A platform for an engaging onsite wellness experience that enables employees to immediately learn of their health status, ask questions, and set reasonable health goals aimed at creating their own pathway to wellness.
  • Capabilities to span the wellness spectrum – such as fingerstick and venipuncture screening options – the results are integrated into one web experience.
  • Personal Health Score and Goal that enables clients to set and measure health change in the context of specific and achievable health goals
  • Technology that rapidly identifies health risk, and then generates personalized actions that address all employees in ways that make sense to them.

Each year, thousands of employees’ lives are transformed – and some are even saved – by companies who have chosen Interactive Health as their partner.

Innovative Wellness Solutions establishes a culture of Wellbeing that leads to a reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism and improves morale and productivity. They have a proven track record of effectively addressing a wide range of organizational health risks and opportunities.

Below is a framework to help understand different options of programming they offer depending on investment level and intended outcomes.

  • For the quickest return by investing in the fewest number of people, focus on individuals with chronic illness avoid new health risks
  • For increasing the return over time, implement a Wellbeing program that assists healthy employees in staying healthy AND helps employees with chronic illness avoid new health risks
  • For the most comprehensive returns and results, implement a Wellbeing program that helps healthy employees and those with chronic illness avoid new health risks and decrease existing health risk

Innovative Wellness Solutions has a suite of solutions for mid to large size businesses on a range of budgets. Wellbeing is a business strategy. They will help you make it an effective one.

An employee who is satisfied with their lifestyle choices and health is more fully present at work and able to focus on the job at hand. Learning what to eat, what not to eat and how to eat are important. As Health Coaches, Mojo21 helps clients figure out what works for them.

Correlating what you eat and how you feel (food/mood) is significant. Many people don’t realize they are sensitive to a food or foods they eat every day. Just eliminating that food could result in clearing brain fog and increased energy.

Mojo21 can help identify your nutritional goals and the actions necessary to meet those goals. Small and consistent changes over time lead to new nutritional habits, lifestyle change and long term success.  

They have found that by implementing just one simple healthy change or strategy and making it a daily habit, can have a major positive impact on a person’s health, weight, and energy level over time.

Let’s start a conversation about your wellness strategy.  We will help you establish goals—then provide options to achieve them.

Our personalized solutions are available at your worksite and beyond to make healthy living fun for your employees!


Contact us to help your organization improve its wellness and productivity.